12:51am, 9-2-2012

The Front Page of the Mercury-Register

Thank you Mary Weston for your excellent work. Check out her full article.

Monikah Niemczynowicz was at the station while Mary was interviewing us, but Monikah had to leave early, before Mary could get a photo of her. Which gave us an idea: let's get a photo of Monikah for the newspaper. So I got out my camera and took a load of pics that have Monikah at varying distances completely nowhere near the station.

Here is a photo of Monikah at least 2.4 miles away:

I told Tom that he was going to look warm (with the light that I added). Ron looks like this photo took twelve hours to set up. It kind of did.

More photos that were not on the front page of the Mercury-Register:

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