If you’re constantly looking for an excuse not to do the hoovering, or simply don’t have the time to fit it in around a busy work/family life, then [url=]Hardwood Flooring By Wood Species[/url] ;provides a time and effort-saving solution. Unlike carpet, wood flooring can be swept with a broom, removing crumbs and dirt quickly, easily, and not to mention more quietly – you’ll still be able to hear the TV! ;

Worry less about stains and dirty marks

Help to make floor stains a thing of the past by opting for a wooden floor with a high-quality finish. We supply pre-finished boards that come pre-treated with oils that will help prevent any spills and stains from impregnating the timber. You also have the choice of applying Treatex Hardwax Oil which protects your floor to an even greater extent. If spillages, muddy footprints or markings occur, simply wipe the boards clean with no nasty cleaning chemicals involved. Treatex is an easy-to-maintain water-resistant treatment that is used to protect and enhance wood flooring and other interior wooden joineries, such as stairs and furniture. Treatex is made from a combination of natural sustainable materials including carnauba wax, sunflower oil, linseed oil, beeswax, and candelilla wax. ;

Reduce your energy bills

Earlier this month, the EU announced that shops will be banned from selling hoovers with a power consumption of over 1600W, as of September 2014. This sudden ban has really shocked many consumers and made them realize just how much energy their hoover is using. So if you’re looking for ways to become more eco-friendly as a household, as well as save money on your electricity bills, choose wood flooring over carpet; the only energy that a brush uses is your own!
Sand away scratches and unwanted marks

Owing to the fact that all of our boards have real wood wear layers of 3mm - 6mm, they are able to be sanded back multiple times in order to remove dents and scratches for re-finishing. In order to help prevent scratches from occurring in the first place, as well as make your floor easier to maintain in general, we again recommend using Treatex Hardwax Oil. This optional finish is an easy-to-apply wood treatment that will improve the durability of the wood and work to protect your flooring.


For many different reasons, homeowners are choosing to use [url=]European oak wood flooring[/url] ;as an alternative to the traditional hardwood floors. ; European oak engineered wood uses less of the actual hardwood making it cost-effective and eco-friendly. ; It is also durable, and easy to install. ; Engineered hardwood can be installed over concrete with a simple glued-down floor installation and is able to withstand the heaviest and most abusive foot traffic making it a cheaper product in the long run.


European Oak is extremely popular among homeowners and interior designers due to its uniqueness and blend. Here are some of your choices:

; ; American White Oak: it has 3 traditional cuts and the most popular would be the traditional cathedral grain pattern referred to as "flat cut"

; ; Rift Cut: this type of oak shows a more straight grain pattern

; ; Quarter Sawn: stands out for its "flake" appearance in the grain


One of the most important choices you can make for your home is flooring. ; Flooring is one the first things a guest sees as they step into your home and sets the tone for a room. ; Flooring is also where we play with our children as well as walk barefoot when first waking up in the morning. ; It is important that the flooring of your home is warm and bright, as well as easy to clean. ; For many the choice of material is hardwood. Hardwood comes in many colors to fit all sorts of rooms. ; It is also easy to clean and maintain. ; But it is not without its drawbacks. Many are concerned with the environmental footprint caused by using traditional hardwoods as well as costly installation and replacement fees should it be damaged.

The Benefits Of Walnut Wood Flooring

Why Use Walnut Wood Flooring?

When you are planning your new floor you have many decisions to make, but let’s assume you have already made the choice of laying engineered hardwood flooring for a timeless, long-lasting, beautiful effect, then the next decision is what type of hardwood to use. The majority will probably select oak without too much debate, but a few will consider the rarer and more exotic sultry beauty of modern walnut wood flooring. Black American walnut is rather less common than oak, although don’t worry the wood is sourced sustainably, but this scarcity makes it rather more of an investment than oak and, as such, you will want to have good reason to select it. So let’s look at some of the benefits of [url=]Black Walnut Wood Flooring[/url].

Why Use Walnut wood flooring, What Makes It Special

The most obvious, and indeed visible, benefit of modern engineered walnut wood flooring is its beautiful appearance. Walnut has a very varied grain both in terms of pattern.

The rich tones of walnut make it ideal for a larger room where you desire a hint of opulence from the ground up, for example, a living room or master bedroom. Don’t forget that engineered wood flooring can be laid over underfloor heating, so you can have the benefit of luxury wood flooring and still enjoy warmth underfoot on cold winter mornings.

Due to its construction, our Supreme 21mm thick engineered walnut wood flooring is very stable and reliable. The board has a 10-ply hardwood under-core topped off with a 6mm solid, satin lacquered, walnut wear layer, giving you a 21mm total thickness. Although it’s never recommended that any wood flooring is laid in a damp environment this high spec construction has proved itself to be very resilient to moisture for our customers in the past.

Teak Wood Flooring (Pros and Cons & Popular Styles)

Teak as a building material has been in use as early as the 7th century. Shipwrights favored the wood for its moisture resistance and its proclivity to keep decay and insects at bay. Some old naval ships from the last couple of centuries still float today due to their teak composition

For its hardy properties, [url=]teak wood flooring[/url] ;can be used for outdoor decks and terraces. Some outdoor furniture is made from teak as well. As a flooring material, it has a color that ranges from a pale yellowish hue to a richer, dark beige hue. Aged teak hardwood flooring tends to get to an even yellowish brown with dark streaks here and there. When it comes to the grain, the texture is fairly random, with some being straight and others not so.

In using teak hardwood flooring, be mindful of its limitations. Never utilize teak hardwood flooring, or any wood flooring for that matter, in rooms with standing water, excessive humidity, or plenty of moisture. For that reason, teak hardwood flooring should never be used on levels below the natural grade line. Moisture tends to seep in through the soil underground and could cause the teak to decay prematurely. Also, UV radiation, from the sun, for example, causes teak hardwood to get discoloration. As such, be sure to use blinds when the daylight outside is too harsh.

Maintaining teak hardwood is relatively simple. Regular mopping and vacuuming should be sufficient enough for starters. Try to also use warm water weekly or every other week to keep the floors relatively clean. As with any wood flooring, teak hardwood will require occasional waxing for it to keep its sheen. Be sure to take out any dirt or dust from the surface of the flooring before applying the coats of oil.

In general, teak wood is considered a sustainable, eco-friendly building material. This can help with the overall “greenness” of a building and can have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than other flooring materials. ;

Russian Oak Flooring Reviews, Price 2022

At present, European Oak is the most common surface material in the Chinese hardwood flooring market. Due to logging restrictions, Russian oak raw materials are in short supply.

However, the natural characteristics of Russian oak are very different from those of European oak. Clean grade surface, fewer knots, uniform color variation, and more beautiful texture, and grains, make Russian oak irreplaceable in the flooring market. At the same time, consumers in some areas have a traditional buying tendency towards high-grade Russian oak.

[url=]Russian Oak Wood Flooring[/url] has the following features:

1. Cleaner and clearer color and grain.

2. Sapwood for lower grade and obvious color differences

3. Easier to get higher grades without knots.

4. Russian Oak normally comes from a “Frame saw” on the Kiln dried timber material.