1:00pm, 4-27-2013

    Water: Rivers and Tides - playlist

    • 1:13pm Fisher's Hornpipe by Fiddle Whamdiddle on Old School Old Time
    • 1:17pm Homeward Bound by Peter Kasin & Richard Adrianowicz on Boldly from the Westward - Songs of the Sea (2013)
    • 1:17pm I'm a Fisherman by Molassses Creek on An Island Out of Time
    • 1:18pm Water by Blame Sally on Blame Sally (2013)
    • 1:19pm I Drew My Ship by Cooper, Nelson, Early on Love & War
    • 1:20pm Gentle Pirate by Blame Sally on Blame Sally (2013)
    • 1:21pm Baqrret's Privateers by Stan Rogers on The Very Best of
    • 1:26pm Fogarty's Cove by Stan Rogers on Fogarty's Cove
    • 1:30pm Reedy River by Priscilla Herdman on The Water Lily (1997)
    • 1:34pm One More River by Cal Scott on Carved Wood Box
    • 1:35pm Wide River to Cross by Levon Helm on Dirt Farmer (2013)
    • 1:42pm High Water by Douglas John Cameron on Solo Songs
    • 1:47pm Is It Love by Douglas John Cameron on Solo Songs
    • 1:52pm Shores of White Sand by Sharp, Routh, Bays, Sharp on Dreams of the San Joaquin
    • 1:56pm Sister Sail by Zoe Mulford on Coyote Wings
    • 2:01pm Smokehouse by Mary Garvey, et al on Cannery Shed
    • 2:09pm Canning Salmon by Mary Garvey, et al on Cannery Shed
    • 2:12pm Oystershell Road by Mary Garvey et al on Cannery Shed
    • 2:15pm Whale by Joanne Rand on Stories from inside and outside
    • 2:23pm Mermaid by Norman and Nancy Blake on Back Home in Sulphur Springs
    • 2:26pm Fisherman's Blues by Free Range on 444
    • 2:34pm I Knew This Place by David Mallett on Greenin' Up
    • 2:35pm Julia Belle Swain by Howlin' Brothers on Howl
    • 2:44pm Big Sciota by Pine Hearts on Distant Lights
    • 2:47pm readings from May pages by Me on 3 different farmer's almanacs
    • 2:48pm The Same River by Juni Fisher on Tumbleweed Letters
    • 2:52pm promo by Michael Johnathan on woodsongs radio hour
    8:34pm, 4-27-2013
    The recording will be uploaded soon...I had technical difficulties when trying to do this. Two hours of Nautical music will be added a.s.a.p.
    12:09pm, 5-25-2013
    To listen to this show, go to Rivers and tides......too.
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