1:00pm, 2-23-2013

    Celtic and Gaelic songs tunes and stories

    In preparation for St. Patrick's month, here are some jigs, reels and other tunes and songs.  Playlist includes songs about potatoes, immigration, railroad work, sailing, soldiers and Selkies.

    • 1:00pm Dark Island Waltz. Irish Moon by Paul Evenden on Farewell
    • 4:00pm Muirton Durken by Debby McClatchy on Debby MccCatchy & The Red Clay Ramblers
    • 4:00pm Little Potato , Plum Creek by Metamora on Metamora
    • 4:05pm Coming Around the Horn by Adam Miller on Orphan Train
    • 4:10pm The Empress of Ireland by Norman Blake on Back Home in Sulphur Springs (2013)
    • 4:13pm The Luck of the Irish, Banshee by Mustard's Retreat on Back to Back (1995)
    • 4:20pm Johnny & Molly by Michael and Shay Black on In Harmony’s Way
    • 4:30pm Drill Ye Tarriers, Paddy Works on R.R., Carrickfergus by Black Irish Band on Under Far Western Sky
    • 4:16am Oro’ mo Bha’idi’n by Shay Black on In Harmony’s Way
    • 4:24am Dublin Jack of All Trades by Michael Black on In Harmony’s Way
    • 4:30am Fiddler's Green by Tim O’Brien on Fiddler's Green (2005)
    • 4:34am readings on astronomy, astrology by myself on Farmer's Almanacs
    • 4:44am Spiorad, Saor an T-Sabhaidh by Talitha MacKenzie on Spiorad
    • 4:55am Rise by Elaine Mahon on Selkie Bride
    • 5:00am Fiddler's Green by Black Irish Band on Under Far Western Skies
    • 5:05am Hen Party by Beòlach on Beòlach (2013)
    • 5:13am Sully’s Hill by Patti Casey on Edge of Grace
    • 5:15am The Pikemen’s March by Turlach Boylan on The Tidy Cottage
    • 5:17am Transatlantic by The Outside Track on Flash Company
    • 10:19am Wild Rover by Beltain on Jongleur
    • 10:20am Lullaby for the Dead by The Chieftains on San Patricio (2010)
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