11:00am, 5-2-2017

    Handi-Riders of Oroville

    Handi-Riders is a local non profit organization that provides equine-assisted activities and therapies to individuals with disabilities in Northern California.  In addition to their work with children and adults with special needs, they are now welcoming veterans  to their programs / facilities at 1391 Clark Road at its junction with Highway 70.  In this interview Donna Hernandez, executive director, and Grace Dwyer, chief financial officer, outline their experiences with special needs people of all ages.  Both the mental and physical benefits provided by the participants' experiences with and on horses are apparent in their comments. 

    Handi-riders needs donations to continue their work, as well as volunteers for barn cleaning, horse care and events.  Also, you may give them matching donations that cost you nothing from your shopping at 1000's of online retailers.

    Phone them at (530) 533-5333 to offer help and to learn more about Handi-Riders.  You may visit their website,  http:handiriders.org, email to [email protected] and phone Donna at (530)315-0654.  They are offering a series of four one week summer camps between June 12 and July 14.

    On May 20 they will have an open house during the day and a barn dance in the evening, including line dancing lessons --Donna has the details.

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