11:00am, 4-18-2017

    John Rivers, a psychologist with historical insight

    John Rivers is one of many black people who migrated to southside Oroville, CA to improve their lives and / or join others living in this area seeking jobs and freedom from overt prejudice.  He states that he is a psychologist, not a historian,although these traits are both present in his thoughtful comments.  John speaks of the "collective who" --  people who built this nation --  and the need for  common understanding to maintain and improve our society.

    The South Oroville African American Historical Society (SOAAHS) has an ongoing effort which began in 1967 to build a historic center and park in their area where stored memories of their elders, which have been recorded and collected, will be featured and available to all.  Contributions are now encouraged for this land and building, and they may be mailed to SOAAHS, 936 18th Street, Oroville, CA 95965.  Their telephone number is (530) 533-7388

    There are fundraising events planned this summer including a Fish Fry and a Bar-B-Que--more information available from the above contacts.

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