11:00am, 2-7-2017

    Nicole Bateman from Habitat For Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity  is a national organization that helps low income families to help themselves by building suitable homes.  In this interview, Nicole Bateman from our local Chico "Habitat" group explains their operation.  The families must have a financial need and be willing to partner with Habitat in the construction of their houses.  Participants should have an income equal to 30 - 60% of the area median income and their house payments in this program must not be greater than 30% of their median income.  If people with "Habitat" homes eventually wish to sell their houses, they must sell only to another low income family.

      Purchasing construction and household merchandise from and donating these items to Habitat's Re Store on Myers Street in Chico helps support this organization.  Their website is www.buttehabitat.org and their telephone number is (530) 343-7423 This organization will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2018.

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