11:00am, 10-18-2016

    Larry Mauch, Yankee Hill Historian

    In this interview, Larry Mauch, gives details about the Yankee Hill Historical Society, founded in 2002,which covers the area from Pentz to Pulga and Flea Valley to Cherokee, the  highway 70 corridor.  They recently launched a web site, Yankeehillhistory.com which includes a theater, museum, bookstore, copies of their newsletter articles written since 2006, and an extensive archives section with over 1400 pages of newspaper articles about the history from Pentz to Pulga from 1854 to today.  People are encouraged to do their own detective work using the web page archives, and to leave comments using the "contact us" tab on the site.  Today, Larry gave information on the Surcease Mine, Pulga and the Western Pacific Railroad, the Rock House deli, the Banner Mine in Morris Ravine and the Big Bend Tunnel.  You are encouraged to visit the website for information  about membership, meetings and activities of the Yankee Hill Historical Society.  They also have a facebook page. 

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