11:00am, 10-4-2016

    Emily Bateman, Director of HEART, a youth for change project

    HEART is a youth for change project helping homeless and runaway minors countywide that provides non-judgemental voluntary services.   Schools are their primary referral source and their goal is reunification of youth with their homes. A 24 hour crisis line is available at 1-877- 478-6292 for adults and youth seeking assistance. Although they have a Facebook page, the telephone is the immediate source for assistance.  HEART seeks families to host youth in their homes at night and will provide transportation for the youth to and from the homes as needed.  Daytime services are provided for youth at the 6th Street Center For Youth in Chico. The hosts are paid for these services.  Donations of money and clothing, including new socks,are welcomed.  HEART aims to walk with youth and families along their path and see changes made.

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