11:00am, 9-27-2016

    Dorence Young from Oroville Amateur Radio Society

    Amateur Radio, established by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), allows radio operation by citizens, after passing an examination.  These people are often referred to as "Hams".  Dorence Young states that the  Oroville Amateur Radio Society (OARS) promotes the recreational hobby uses of radios and other communication equipment and in times of emergencies too.  They may reach all around the world making radio contacts.  In times of emergencies they cooperate with Butte County Sheriff"s Department or other local agencies. OARS meets every second Friday at St. Paul's Church--social hour at 6pm and meeting at 7 pm.  They will participate in the upcoming Parade of Lights and will have their annual Field Day the last weekend in June when participants practice setting up their equipment and broadcast with no outside power sources--only portable generators and solar power sources are allowed.  The OARS telephone number is (530) 533-0147 

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