11:00am, 9-20-2016

    Marla Crites with Chico Skywatch -- Keep your Eyes On The Sky

    In this interview Marla Crites offers information about the ongoing aerial spraying of dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere of the United States and other countries around the world.  The lines you see in the sky almost every day are NOT jet contrails. Jet contrails disappear swiftly, are less dense and cover much less area than the toxic spray so readily visible from the GeoEnginering programs.  For more information about this destructive program visit the websites: www.Chicoskywatch.org, www.geoengoneeringwatch.org,(a website posted by attorneys active in opposition to aerosol spraying) www.antigeoengineeringalliance.

    Please listen carefully to this interview.  ChicoSkywatch has an information table at the Saturday Chico Farmer's Market.  Marla also recommends the book "Chemtrails Exposed" by Peter A. Kirby

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