11:00am, 9-6-2016

    L. O. W. R. with Jack Kiley and Bill Bynum

    L. O. W. R. is a local organization supporting Lower Oroville Water Rates.  Oroville's water rates are the highest in Butte County by a large margin.  The South Feather and Thermalito water districts adjacent to Oroville provide water to their customers much more reasonably than Cal Water, the target of L. O. W. R.'s efforts. (The Cal Water agency, with headquarters in San Jose, pay one of their executives 2.8 million dollars annually, and five of their vice presidents have salaries over $1 million each.)  The people from L. O. W. R. have studied the situation extensively and are working with local government in their efforts to secure reasonable water rates for Oroville.  They will soon be circulating petitions, and encourage people to join their efforts.  Shoppers and local residents are encouraged to sign the petitions.  People seeking information or wanting to be involved and support L. O. W. R.'s efforts may contact Bill Bynum by telephone at (530) 403-7401

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