11:00am, 8-16-2016

    Nicole Marshall, 4-H Program Representative

    Nicole Marshall, Butte County's 4-H program representative, began her experiences with 4-H in her youth, and has maintained enthusiasm for this program.  In 4-H children 5 to 19 years old learn by participating in/doing projects involving livestock, gardening, home economics,arts and crafts, cooking, beekeeping, science and engineering, . . .the list continues and has new projects being added as time passes.  There are leadership and citizenship opportunities in 4-H and rewards come to the participants and their leaders.  To learn more about 4-H contact Nicole by phone at (530) 538-7201, or email nm[email protected]  Other information is available on facebook at butte county  4-H and instagram  butte county 4-H 

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