11:00am, 7-26-2016

    Louie Mendoza, Ag Commissioner, Director of Weights & Measures

    In his role as agricultural commissioner, Louie Mendoza promotes and protects Butte County's agricultural environment.  This department works on exclusion, detection, management, and eradication of agricultural pests, does seed certification, evaluates seed germination, oversees labeling of agricultural products, provides egg inspection, monitors pesticide applications, and conducts field worker safety inspections.  As director of weights and measures his goal is to assure that "you get what you pay for".  Gas pumps and scales and weighing devices are included in the 2,200 devices in Butte County's inspection program.  Products offered for sale are inspected, and true weights are verified.  The quality control program includes wood sales (is that an accurate full cord of wood you purchased?) as part of the consumer protection offered by this department.  You can contact the central office of agricultural commissioner and weights and measures by telephone at (530) 538-7381

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