11:00am, 6-28-2016

    Linda Ames from the Oroville State Theater

    The Oroville State Theater opened on April 7, 1928 and Linda Ames, who works with the theater, tells of its history and present life.  S.T.A.G.E., the State Theater Arts Guild, was organized to promote, preserve and protect the State Theater.  Recently their work became even more critical when in 2014, the Oroville City Council announced that they could no longer financially support the theater.  S.T.A.G.E.'s  "Miracle on Myers" project began, and the theater has remained open,    however a continuous, reliable source of funds is needed.   People are encouraged to donate to STAGE at P. O. Box 2388, Oroville, CA 95965.  In addition to funds, volunteers are needed in all aspects of theater operation.  Grant writers are solicited.  Visit www.orovillestatetheater.com for more information  People are strongly encouraged to email their memories of the state theater to: [email protected]

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