11:00am, 5-3-2016

    Sharon Hope, The Dowser

     Dowsing is an ancient spiritual process (dowsing is pictured in a 10,000 year old petroglyph).  Sharon explains that dowsing can find something that is lost, provide answers to specific questions and help the dowser make intelligent decisions.  Dowsing is commonly used to locate subsurface water and has also helped locate lost aircraft, lost pets, and has located people missing in earthquakes and avalanches.  Sharon Hope has been dowsing for decades and is the leader of the local organization, Gold Country Dowsers.  They meet the first Sunday every month at the Oroville Library  at 1 p.m. and visitors are welcome.  Their telephone number is (530) 534-3516. 

    Further dowsing information is available at www.west coast dowsers.org  They organize dowsing conferences annually in July in Santa Cruz, CA.  The American Society of Dowsers in Vermont hosts an annual conference in June in Saratoga Springs, New York and their website, www.dowsers.org has dowsing information, videos and a bookstore.

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