11:00am, 1-12-2016

    Dave Garcia, fracking and why it must be banned

    Dave Garcia, member of Frack Free Butte County and the Sierra Club, describes the toxic waste associated with the fracking process, a method of injecting water and chemicals into the earth in order to release underground deposits of natural gas and oil. The resulting contamination of the water supply has included toxic irrigation water being used in California.  Our water supply is in jeopardy.  He encourages us to support the June 7, 2016 ballot measure that, if approved, will  ban fracking in Butte County.  (New York state recently banned fracking.)  Learn more at www. frackfreebuttecounty.org and www.facebook.com/frackfreebuttecounty   Dave also spoke about the railroad trains transporting crude oil which have derailed and exploded causing extensive damage.  Locally, oil tank cars traverse the Feather River Canyon.  There is more information at www.forestethics.org/take-action  Dave recommends the movie, The sky is pink, videos at www.stories.weather.com boom

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