11:00am, 6-30-2015

    Barry Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary

    This wildlife facility on Pentz-Durham Road near Butte College offers sanctuary and rehabilitation-release for wild animals.  Proper nutrition, health care, and daily enrichment activities are provided for the resident animals, from the smallest to the large wild cats (lions, tigers) they house.   Joan Gulla and Angie Broco in this interview are part of the all volunteer staff, and they emphasize the need for donations to support the sanctuary. Durable chain link fencing is welcome. There are 15 freezers at the refuge, and 750 pounds of meat are fed daily.  The sanctuary is open Tuesday--Sunday, 9 am - 5 pm, and tours are by appointment, phone 533-1000, the website is kirshner.org  and it includes photos and biographies of some residents.  The word "sanctuary" is truly valid here.

    12:30am, 11-27-2018
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