1:00pm, 12-27-2014

    Hard Times Come Again No More--songs to warm us in the Bleak Midwinter

    KROV Crossroads show compiled for 12-27-2014

    Station i.d.                                              Linda       McRae

    Letter From Down The Road                  Della Mae                               This World Oft  Can Be

    Common Ground                                    Glenn Frey                              Solo collection

    Gold Watch and Chain                            Kay Hansen                             Songs of the West 

    One Love                                                 Marley’s Ghost                       Live at the Freight

    Between a Wood and a River                  Patchy Sanders                       Wild Peach Forest

    We Parted By the Riverside                   Norman & Nancy Blake          Back Home

    Gulf Coast Highway                                 Emmy Lou Harris and Dave Matthews

    Polkas                                                      Red Clay Ramblers                 Rambler

    Early Snow                                              Tom Paxton                             Looking for the Moon

    Ev’rythang Gonna Be Alright                  Christmas Jug Band                On The Holiday Highway

    Xmas on the Isthmus (F.C.C.)                 Terry Allen                              Salivation

    Bud and Blossom                                    Beltain                                    Yuletide

    Station I.D.                                              Sarah McQuaid      

    Streetlights and Snow                            Tom Russell                            unreleased from  yuletide 1997

    Miracle of the Wheat                             Ed McCurdy & the Harvesters

    Man Walks Among Us                            Faith Petric                             Faith's Favorites

    Out in the Country                                  Greg Brown                            The Iowa Waltz

    Farther Along

    Hunting Horn

    Hard Times Come Again No More

    Who Would Jesus Bomb                          David Rovics                            Title Song

    S.F. Mabel Joy                                         Kris Kristofferson                    Frisco Mabel Joy Revisited: For Mickey Newbury

    Banjos We Have Heard on High              Jed Marum                              Rejoice! A Christmas Album

    Mrs. Fogarty’s Christmas Cake               Seamus Kennedy                    Goodwill to Men

    Christians and Pagans                            Dar Williams

    In The Bleak Mid-Winter                          Misty River Band

    1:34am, 12-30-2014
    I will upload the music as soon as I can transfer it into MP3 format.
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