1:00pm, 10-25-2014

    Death, Dying and the Spirit World

    After attending a local gathering of the Death Cafe', which is a discussion group abut Death and dying, I decided to focus the October Crossroads show on these topics. As the season turns and many things are in the process of going back to the Earth, many cultures honor this by celebrating Halloween, The Day of the Dead, (Dia de los Muertos) and the ancient celebration by the Druids , the Celtic people and others, Samhain, where the veil between the worlds of the living and the non-living is thin.

    • 12:55pm Footprints in the Snow by Song of the HIlls on Instrumental impressions (America's Heartland)
    • 1:01pm Gathering of Spirits by Carrie Newcomer on Kindred Spirits (Rounder)
    • 1:04pm Ghost Train by Carrie Newcomer on Before & After (Rounder)
    • 1:09pm Ghosts and Legends by John Bergstrom on Ghosts and Legends (WSOM music)
    • 1:13pm Bury Me Beneath the Willow by Larry Wilder on Americana Music (self)
    • 1:15pm Master's Bouquet by Larry Wilder on Americana Music (self)
    • 1:17pm Judgement Day by Amos Garrett on Acoustic Album (self)
    • 1:24pm These Days of Sorrow by Wil Maring on single (self)
    • 1:25pm Fiddler's Green by John Connelly on Live at the Freight (self)
    • 1:28pm When I Go by Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer on When I Go (self)
    • 1:34pm I Go Like the Raven by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer on Drum Hat Buddah (Signature Sounds)
    • 1:38pm Kate and the Ghost of Lost Love by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer on When I Go (self)
    • 1:41pm Let the Mystery Be by Iris Dement on Infamous Angel (Warner Brothers Records)
    • 1:49pm The Way I Should by Iris Dement on The Way I Should (Warner Brothers Records)
    • 1:55pm Caleb Meyer by Gililan Welch on Hell Among the Yearlings (Acony)
    • 1:56pm Dig Gravedigger Dig by Corb Lund on Cabini Fever (New West)
    • 2:00pm See That My Grave's Kept Clean by Cliff Perry and Laurel Bliss on Old Pal (Telegraph Music)
    • 2:08pm I'm Gettin' Ready to Go by The Mysterious Redbirds on 1992-1998 (Mountian Redbird)
    • 2:09pm A Good Day to be Above Ground by Gathering Time on when one door closes (Triple G Records)
    • 2:15pm Curly Headed Woman by Mark Graham on Natural Selections (Eternal Doom Music)
    • 2:22pm Their Brains Were Small and They Died by Mark Graham on Natural Selections (Eternal Doom Music)
    • 2:22pm Last Words by Marley's Ghost on "Spooked" (Sage Arts)
    • 2:44pm readings about Earth and Sky by myself on Farmer's and Planter's Almanac (several publishers)
    • 2:45pm Oh Death by Ralph Stanley on Oh Brother, Where art thou? (Universal)
    • 2:46pm Funeral Food by Kate Campbell on Visions of Plenty (Compass)
    • 2:50pm Shallow Grave by Kate Campbell on Blues and Lamentations (Large River)
    • 2:56pm Sing Me Out by Kate Campbell on Sing Me Out (Compadre)
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