1:00pm, 8-23-2014

    Dog Days of August

    The Dog Days of August are called this because Sirius, "The Dog Star" is seen in t he sky at this time. Also, August 26th is National Dog Day.

    • 1:05pm Shady Grove by Sparky and Rhonda Rucker on Dear Jean (Compass)
    • 1:08pm Let the Sun Shine Down on Me by Kim and Reggie Harris on Dear Jean (Jean Ritchie) (Compass)
    • 1:10pm Ponchatoula by Tom Rigney and Flambeau on Red Boots and Rice (Parhelion)
    • 1:16pm California Blues by Tim O'Brien on Cornbread nation (Sugar Hill)
    • 1:24pm Muddy Roads by Kate Wolf on Carry It On (Flat Rock)
    • 1:25pm Links in the Chain by Tom Paxton,Anne HIlls on Under American Skies (Appleseed)
    • 1:28pm Follow that Road by Tom Paxton, Anne HIlls on Under American Skies (Appleseed)
    • 1:31pm Pretty Nancy by Jean Ritchie on Clear Waters Remembered (Greenhays)
    • 1:38pm We Shall Overcome by M.S.G. Acoustic Blues Trio on For Pete's Sake (Wepecket)
    • 1:46pm Living In the Country by Laura Sheehan on For Pete's Sake (Wepecket)
    • 1:47pm Greenland's Icy Waters by Battlefield Band on Zama Zama (self)
    • 1:56pm Crawdad Hole by Greg Brown et al on live (Prairie Home Companion)
    • 2:06pm Diamond Joe by Guy Clark , Verlon Thompson on Workbench Songs (Dualtone)
    • 2:07pm Surprise, Surprise by Chris Smither on Dirty Linen Sampler, 2009 (Dirty Linen)
    • 2:09pm Railroad Bill by Greg Brown on Honey in the Lion's Head (Trailer Records)
    • 2:27pm Smell of Coffee by Greg Brown on Milk of the Moon (Red House)
    • 2:28pm Neighbor by Ginny Hawker, Tracy Schwartz on sampler (wwwBerkeleyoldtimemusic.org)
    • 2:29pm Sourwood Mountain by Franklin George, et al on Berkeley Old Time Music Fest.sampler (www.BerkeleyOldTimeMusic.org)
    • 2:47pm Fisher's Hornpipe by Vi Wickham & Steve Eulberg on Fiddle Whamdiddle (Owl Mountain Music)
    • 2:48pm The West by Juni Fisher on Cowgirography (Red Geetar)
    • 2:53pm Public Service Announcement by Juni Fisher on Western Music Association (Western Music Association)
    • 2:56pm Listen by Juni Fisher on Listen To The Horse (Red Geetar Records)
    • 2:57pm Well Travelled Trail by Juni Fisher on Sideshow Romance (Red Geetar)
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