1:00pm, 5-24-2014

    Home, family farm and reunions gatherings

    • 1:00pm You and Me by Alicia Bay Laurel on More songs from Living on the Earth (IWS)
    • 1:05pm Bottle of Memories by R.P. Smith on homegrown (Cedar Ranch)
    • 1:06pm Diamond Joe by Andy Hedges on Cowboy Songster (Self)
    • 1:10pm Passin' Thru by Claire Lynch on New Day (Rounder)
    • 1:15pm Cowboy's Waltz by Ken and Brad Kolodner on Skipping Rocks (Fenchurch Music)
    • 1:17pm Haying Song by David Mallet on Greenin' Up (C D Baby)
    • 1:25pm Same River by Juni Fisher on Tumbleweed Letters (Red Geetar)
    • 1:33pm Dark Highway by Bronwyn Brent on Stardust (Self)
    • 1:39pm Field Behind the Plow by Larry Carpenter on Old Voice (Self)
    • 1:43pm Thunderstorm by John Malcolm Penn on Driftin' River (Blue Night Records)
    • 1:48pm Goin' to the West by Marley's Ghost on Live at the Freight and Salvage (Self)
    • 1:59pm Rest in Peace Jack Bland by Still on a Hill on Once a River (Arkansas Arts Council)
    • 2:03pm Abner Jennings Ferry by Still on a Hill on Once a River (Arkansas Arts Council)
    • 2:49pm Readings from Farmer'sd Almanac by Laurel (me) on self (self)
    • 2:49pm Fiddlehead Fern by Cahalen Morrison and Eli West on I'll Swing My hammer with both my hands (Self)
    • 2:54pm Bristlecione Pine by Brenn Hill on Ode to Selway (Red Cliffs Press)
    • 2:58pm Bury me with my Guitar by John Flynn on Poor Man's Diamonds (Flying Stobne)
    • 12:00am Barbeque by Red Clay Ramblers on Red Clay Ramblers (Self)
    • 12:18am Applesauce by Laurel Woodsorrel on Wild Mountaineers String Band (Live at Gold Nugget Museum)
    • 2:10am Barebque by Way Out West with Joe Craven on self (live recording)
    • 2:20am I'll Fly Away by James Reames on Mysterious Redbirds (Self)
    • 2:23am Month of May by Laurel (me) on Reading Farmer's Almanacs (self)
    12:43am, 5-26-2014
    The show got broken up into two listings...the first one has the list of songs played and the second one has the MP3.
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