1:00pm, 10-26-2013

    Autumn trees and leaves

    • 12:58pm Kingdom Come by Old Man Luedecke on Tender is the Night
    • 1:05pm Roll In mY Sweet Baby's Arms by Old Man Luedecke on Tender is the Night
    • 1:06pm Public Radio by Banjo Jim on PRIVATE STOCK
    • 1:07pm Dance Around in Your Bones by Hot Soup on Soup Happens
    • 1:09pm Sunrise on Carawan Hill by Hot Soup on Souop Happens
    • 1:09pm When Did We Have Sauerkraut by Faith Petric on Let Me Bring My Guitar to Heaven
    • 1:15pm Angel of death by Kristina Olsen on Hurry On Home
    • 1:19pm I go Like the Raven by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer on Drum Hat Buddah
    • 1:21pm Kate and the Ghost of Lost Love by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer on When I Go
    • 1:29pm Bring Back the Trains by Jimmy La Fave on Depending on the Distance
    • 1:32pm Long Black Train by Harkenbacks on Farm Less
    • 1:39pm Ghost in the Night by Jack Tempchin on Songs
    • 1:42pm Cold Day n November by Debra Cowan on Among Friends
    • 1:48pm The Saw Playing Musician by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips on Fellow Workers
    • 1:53pm Gone, Gonna Rise Again by Si Kahn and the Looping Brothers on Aragon Mills
    • 2:05pm Reuben's Train/Long Journey Home by Dan Crary and thunderstorm on Perfect Storm
    • 2:06pm Fruit Flies Blues by Canote Brothers on Calico Pie
    • 2:08pm Bristlecone Pine by Waddie Mitchell on Sweat Equity
    • 2:09pm Orion's Belt by John Mc Cutcheon on 22 Days
    • 2:12pm Lilac Bush and Apple Tree by Kate Wolf on unknown
    • 2:18pm Ghosts by Michael Johnathon on Front Porch
    • 2:20pm Rain and Snow by New Deal String Band on Dealing a New Hand
    • 2:24pm Dark Hollow by Mason Porter on Story of the Rifle
    • 2:39pm Whippoorwill whispering goodnight by Jim Watson on This World Would Be all Sunshine
    • 2:45pm Piney Mountain by Craver, Hicks, Watson and Newberry on You've been a Friend to Me
    • 2:46pm Tumblin Tumbleweeds by The Hanson Family on Rope That Rhythm
    • 2:48pm High on a Mountain by Dale Robin Goodman on Banjo Babes
    • 2:52pm Walkin' in the Parlor by Roadoilers on It Seems Fast To us
    • 2:53pm Let The Tree Fall by James Lee Stanley on Live inTehachapi
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