1:00pm, 6-22-2013

    horses and summer

    In support of local organizations dedicated to giving good homes to horses and saving horses from slaughter, including Horse Plus Humane Society, near Oroville, Home at Last Shelter, near Concow and the Wild Horse Sanctuary in Shingletown.  Also some Songs to celebrate the Swedish Mid Sommar this Summer Solstice.

    • 12:52pm Full Moon Full of Love by Leelee and Friends on Western Stars
    • 1:03pm A Horse Like You by Juni Fisher on Let 'er go, let 'er buck, let 'er Fly
    • 1:08pm Listen to the Horse by Juni Fisher on Listen To The Horse
    • 1:12pm Bucky by Andria Kidd on Sespe Sky
    • 1:17pm 10,000 Cattle by Katie Lee on 10,000 Cattle
    • 1:22pm His Left Side by Claudia Nygaard on Let the Storm Roll In (2013)
    • 1:24pm Heavty Horse Song by Marie-Lynn Hammond on HoofBeats
    • 1:33pm I Dream of Riding Fast Horses by Mountain Saddle Band on The Heart of a Cowboy
    • 1:36pm Same Kind of Horses by Curly Musgrave on Range and Romance
    • 1:40pm What a Horse Has Gotta Do by Kristyn Harris on Let Me Ride
    • 1:48pm Dark Horse by The Coyotes and Friends on Home Style Cowboy Music
    • 1:52pm My Pinto Pal by The Coyotes and Friends on Home Style Cowboy Music
    • 1:53pm I Had a Mule by Rosalie Sorrels on Strangers in Another Country
    • 2:05pm Stewball by Thomas Snow on Friends
    • 2:09pm The Spotted Ass by Stephanie Davis on Crocus in the Snow
    • 2:22pm Our Last Ride by Almeda Terry on Voices from the Range
    • 2:22pm A Horse Called Music by Willie Nelson on Heroes (2012)
    • 2:24pm Dead Horse Trampoline by Christopher Smith on Sweet River Grace (2013)
    • 2:31pm Cowboy's Lament (Streets of Laredo) by unknown on old 78 rpm recording
    • 2:36pm She's in Love with her Horse by Joyce Woodson on She's in Love with her Horse
    • 2:38pm Pony Called Love by Juni Fisher on Let 'er Go, Let 'er Bcuk, Let 'er Fly
    • 2:49pm Spotted Pony by FIDDLE WHAM DIDDLE on Old School Old Time
    • 2:54pm Trollrikepolskan by Bruce Sagan and Andrea Hoag on Spelstundarna
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