8:00pm, 5-21-2013

    Lybecker, Josiah James, LWAK, Todd Williams, David Rush, Morgan Howard and Alysia!!

    It was a super jam packed show filled with loads of music and entertainment! We had interviews from the night before on the Great Station mixed with so many good shots of beauty!

    LWAK bring on his first demo and you become the first people to hear it live on air!

    Josiah James talks about the More to This Life tour!

    Lybecker lets you in on the didgeridoo player and the insanity of the alaskan tundra.

    Morgan Howard was on the show celebrating her birthday, college graduation and up and coming EP.

    David Rush rocks the house with his command of music theory and development of a great soulful sound!

    Alysia says Hello to all of you out there!

    Our Heavy Metal Segment was filled with heavy metal goodness and a wide variety!

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