1:00am, 9-1-2012

Ye-Old-Space-Aged Behringer is Back

Say thanks to Daryl Autrey. He got this Behringer mixer back on track. It had a few bad sliders, which left it unusable for decades. Last time it was in the studio was KRBS-but-actually-on-Bird-Street era.

Zoom went the hand.

He explained to me that it took a while to get a schematic for this Behringer. Eventually he located one drawn up by a Behringer-enthusiast. Made from enthusiasm. But it wasn't a full schematic, since only repair shops get those. And they hide them with an enthusiam that is even more powerful.

Anyway, Daryl is shy about this, so I'll stop with the back story and head straight to the glam shots.

Ah, you like this tilt? Yes, like a wizard likes red lights.


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