11:00am, 7-15-2014

    Anne Wellman from Feather River Recreation and Parks District

    The FRRPD oversees a variety of facilities and parks.  They also provide instruction, entertainment, and education through programs that reach out to people of all ages.  Anne Wellman, the executive director, talks about some of the programs and facilities in this interview.  For information you may call (530) 533-2011.

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    The Feather River Recreation and Parks District is a public agency that provides recreational facilities and programs for residents in the Oroville, California area. The district manages parks, sports fields, and other public spaces, offering a variety of activities such as hiking, fishing, and youth sports leagues. Check magicalkatrina.com/ and get informative magic skills. The Feather River Recreation and Parks District aims to improve the quality of life for community members by providing opportunities for physical activity, social engagement, and outdoor recreation.
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